But, what can I do at home?

Throughout my years of teaching, I have had the privilege of working with many different populations of students with varying backgrounds and academic levels. I have conducted countless parent meetings about grades, opportunities, and plans for their child’s academic future, and I find that parents and guardians always have the same question. What can I do for my child, at home?


Aside from the things you should be doing religiously such as reading with and to your child, practicing math facts, encouraging reading for fun, checking for homework AND making sure it is done CORRECTLY, etc., there are some awesome online resources that can help support young learners!


Here is list of a few online resources that I would suggest to use at home (in no particular order).


  • Reading A-Z- (ages 4-10): This is a leveled literacy program that allows scholars to read books online and answer comprehension questions about their reading. Books are available in English and Spanish, and the account allows scholars to track their reading progress. The site does require an account and allows a free trial, but it does cost money to sign up.
  • Starfall- (ages 4-7): This website is free although some features are part of a premium package. It provides basic phonics, reading comprehension, and some math practice for scholars through games.
  • Khan Academy- (k-12): This online program has a full range of content specific help including explanatory videos and practice. This is a great resource for scholars needing help with specific subjects like calculus or chemistry. The site teaches through video and provides quizzes and is absolutely free!
  • IXL Math- (k-12): This online program has practice in Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts. Participants can choose the level they want to work in from the beginning allowing advanced scholars to be exposed to higher level material.
  • Study Island- (k-8): This account allows for a temporary free trial, but after the trial, it does cost money. This is a great check in to see if your student is “on track” academically and can provide you with specific areas of growth and strength.
  • Ted-ed (all ages): This website, although not content specific, includes lessons, quizzes, videos, and articles. This is a great place for curious scholars to peruse and find topics of interest.
  • Duolingo- (all ages): This program gives students the opportunity to learn new languages for free through games and activities!


Remember: Ask your scholar’s teachers if they have usernames and passwords for any other online resources. Often schools purchase programs for students to use in school and sometimes schools allow scholars access at home.


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